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Newy Event Collective’s Terms and Conditions 


In these conditions;

(a) The "Owner" is ‘Newy Event Collective’

(b) The “Site” refers to

(c) The “User” refers to you the person using the Site.

(d) The "Hirer" refers to you the person hiring the equipment from the Owner

(e) The "Equipment" means all the equipment and accessories supplied to the Hirer.



1. This Agreement contains the complete terms and conditions of use for hiring equipment from the Owner. Amendments to this agreement can be made and effected by us from time to time without specific notice to you. Agreement posted on the Site reflects the latest agreement and you should carefully review the same before you hire from us



2. The hirer will hire the Equipment at its own risk, and bear responsibility for the Equipment hired from the time of its delivery into the possession of the Hirer until collection by or return to the Owner. In accepting the Equipment, the Hirer acknowledges that it has duly examined the Equipment and has satisfied itself as required. Should the Hirer alter any installation or delivery requirements during, or after installation or delivery, the Hirer is liable for all extra costs of the Owner’s employees;


The Hirer will:

(a) Not remove the Equipment from the location designated on the invoice without the Owner’s written permission.

(b) Comply with any written instructions given to the Hirer or accompanying the Equipment.

(c) Not sub-hire any equipment unless authorised by the owner.

(d) Ensure all Equipment is returned or ready for collection by the Owner’s driver, in a clean, dry and properly packed condition and, if being collected, is readily accessible. 

(e) Pay for all cleaning or drying costs and for any damage resulting from not properly drying, cleaning and/or packing the Equipment

(f) Ensure All cutlery, crockery and glassware are rinsed of food/liquids and are dried before returning to the owner.

(g) Be responsible for obtaining the necessary permits and/or plans and pay such fees as may be required to use the Equipment.


3. For the safety of our staff and to adhere to health and hygiene regulations all hired items must be cleaned of food and beverages. This includes but is not limited to cutlery, crockery, glassware, catering supplies and any other catering equipment.



4. The Owner has the sole discretion to provide the terms of payment. Unless otherwise agreed, payment of a 30% deposit is required for confirmation and acceptance of an order. By paying a deposit you are agreeing to ‘Newy Event Collective’ Terms and Conditions. Unless credit terms have been agreed 

upon, payment for the products shall be made by credit card, PayPal or EFT.

(a) Invoices are due and payable 7 days prior to the event date.

(b) An order may be invoiced separately.

(c) The Owner has all the discretion to cancel or deny orders.

(d) You agree that all charges for hire loss, hire extension, damage and repair will be paid and that all collection fees, legal fees or any expenses involved in the collection of these charges will be borne by the Hirer.



If on the return of the equipment to the owner the equipment is found by the owner to be in an unclean condition or not in a substantial working order, the Hirer shall pay to the owner the cost and expenses of restoring the equipment to a clean condition and good working order. Hire items that are returned with burns, holes, rips and water damage will be charged at full replacement cost. if hire items are returned unclean with stains including but not limited to candle wax, mould, rust, graffiti or heavy food beverage stains that are unable to be restored to a clean condition by ordinary laundering procedures, are required to have expert cleaning, then that cost will be charged to the Hirer at the appropriate rate. the Hirer accepts full responsibility to compensate the owner for the value of the equipment or parts thereof which may be lost or stolen from the time of commencement of the hire or delivery, whichever is earlier, until the equipment is returned to the owner’s premises or collected by the owner. this right shall not be prejudiced by or prejudice any other right under these terms. the owner’s staff is not required to be held liable for any breakages or missing items unless expressly evidenced, and agreed, between the owner and the Hirer.




6. Cancellation of orders or products will forfeit all booking deposits. 

(a) Cancellations that are made more than 7 days from delivery or Hirer pick-up date will receive a full refund of any funds remitted.

(b) Cancellations made less than 7 days from delivery or Hirer pick-up date will forfeit their 30% deposit as the cost for hire equipment is considered a cost of lost opportunity and is not refundable.

(c) No refund applies to cancellations for Custom Built or Special Purchase Equipment.



7. The Hirer is responsible for the Equipment from the time of delivery or Hirer pick-up until collection by the Owner or return by the Hirer and shall pay for all Equipment damage or loss however caused during that period. The Hirer shall protect the Equipment from the elements from the time of delivery, use, storage or waiting period before collection. The Hirer shall maintain at its expense liability, property and casualty insurance coverage in amount necessary to fully protect the Owner and its Equipment against all claims, loss or damage of whatever nature or type. The Owner shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused to any person, property, animal or things whatsoever arising from the use of the Equipment hereby hired and the Hirer indemnifies the Owner in respect to any claims for such loss or damage.

8. The Owner's count and/or decision as to condition of the Equipment prior to dispatch and on return shall be final.

9. The Hirer shall not remove the Hire Equipment or any part thereof from the situation and position of its installation without written consent from the Owner. The Hirer grants the Owner access at all times to inspect or repair the Equipment and in the case of default to remove the Equipment. The Hirer shall on no account attempt to repair the Equipment but notify the Owner immediately in case of breakdown or failure.

10. The Hirer acknowledges that they have received adequate instruction on the correct use of the Equipment, which includes demonstration or verbal or written instructions.

11. The Hirer agrees not to use the Equipment at locations or purposes different to the Equipment's general designated purpose and specified suitability, such as indoor vs. outdoor use. The Hirer acknowledges responsibility for the Equipment and is liable for any damage.

12. Where the Hirer is more than one person liability shall be joint and several.

13. The Owner reserves the right to take photos at event locations utilising the Owner's equipment. Photos are taken with a focus on the Equipment and are selected with due care to exclude recognisable private property and persons. Photos may be used in publications or other media produced, used, or contracted by the Owner.



14. ‘Newy Event Collective’ offers both delivery and collection of hired goods.  Some products are delivery only and fees apply. These fees are based on the distance travelled and the weight of the order on the delivery vehicle. 

15. Hired equipment can be collected from our office in Wallsend at a suitable time for both parties

16. Delivery charges quoted are based on a non-specific time between 8:00am – 5:00pm. A surcharge or after hours charge may apply for specific delivery times.

17. Furniture setup is NOT included in our hire rates. Should you require furniture set up – please contact the owner.

18. The Hirer is responsible for having someone available to accept the delivery and upon collection.

19. Failed collection attempts will result in an additional collection fee.

20. Hire rates cover hire over a twenty-four hours’ period or part thereof. Failure to have items ready for collection or returned on the agreed date will incur a late charge fee.



21. Your continued use of the Site following the posting of changes to these Terms and Conditions of Use will be deemed your acceptance of those changes.


- Credit / Debit Cards
- Stripe

- Offline Payments

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