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Terms and Conditions 



  • Please let us know if balloons will be setup on grass, Newy Event Collective will not be responsible for any balloons popping. Rug may need to be hired

  • We will try to match your colours to pictures you send but can not guarantee the colour will be the same (some photos have multiple filters on them) 

  • Foil Balloons additional charge.


  • Damage or loss will result in replacement of full price 

  • If neons are left overnight they must be brought inside

  • Not to be used in wet weather 

  • Advertised neon price is pickup, delivery charge and installation price additional.



  • Set Package Price 

  • All items except balloons are hire items. Any additional items added to garlands (dried flowers, etc) are hire items and must be returned. 

  • Items cannot be swapped or changed 

  • Delivery included in 20km radius of Newy CBD, additional price for other areas


  • Delivery Price additional

  • Newy Event Collective not responsible for finding Wet Weather Alternative 

  • Newy Event Collective not responsible for natural things that may effect a picnic.. eg.. Wildlife, flash rivers, tides changing etc 

  • Must inform us when leaving picnic 

  • Setup and pack down times must be confirmed before the event.

  • Additional fees may be charged for going over arranged finish time 

  • 25m from Car is included in price, addition fees for long distance and stairs may apply

  • Extra setup fee for appartments

  • In the event of wet weather and no indoor alternative has been arranged, picnics will be changed to a "dining" picnic with high tables and chairs (no rugs or cushions). Price will not change. 


  • A minimum of 2 hours time to set up marquees is needed (time will vary if being setup in rain)

  • Newy Event Collective cannot setup marquees in or over mud

  • Marquees may be booked as a wet weather backup, however holding charges will be applied.

  • Ample space surrounding marquee must be provided for guy ropes. Newy Event Collective may refuse to setup marquee if guy ropes cannot be used (Pegged to grass - outdoor, not needed- indoor)

  • Lighting is additional cost 

  • Side walls to marquee can be added for no additional cost, however must be given notice. 


  • All items will be delivered, if not all needed/ used no refund will be given. 

  • 25m delivery included, additional fees may apply for distance from van. 

  • Extra fee for appartments 

  • Accessibility must be made known before the event. 

  • Need to let us know if items eg. Arbours need to be their significantly earlier 

  • Signage is hire only. 

  • Items missing, stolen or damaged will be charged.

  • Hire space needs to be ready and clear for us, Newy Event Collective will not move your items.


  • Invoice Paid in full 1 week prior (​Decrease of numbers will not be refunded after this time)

  • Failure to make full payment before event may result in Newy Event Collective being able to fulfil event. 




Wet Weather Option needs to be locked in 1 week prior. 

Change to wet weather option (plan B) needs to be communicated by no later than 6pm day prior. This significantly effects run sheet/ staff/ time needed to setup event. 

It is not Newy Event Collectives responsibility to find location. 

If location significantly different to first booking travel fee will change 

Need to know if this effects accessibility 

Newy Event Collective will not refund event for wet weather.

In the event of poor weather, all picnics that have been booked outdoors will be changed to Dining on a high table with chairs automatically, rugs and cushions will not be placed on damp grass.  

Lockdown- Happily Postpone or Refund in full  
Positive Covid- Can reschedule or numbers change with 3 days notice

- Cancel and Refund with 1 weeks notice 

- Same Day Cancel, no refund

- Same Day Numbers Change, no refund 

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