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Let’s be honest, setting up for a party is about as fun as an IKEA flat pack. You start with copious amounts of determination after spending weeks making 25 Pinterest boards. Then as the event draws near, the fleeting moments of happiness dwindle down to a near divorce, a toddler who’s world is ending because they can’t find their new harmonica (thats 'magically' gone missing), and you looking like a potato with lipstick because you’re left with 4 minutes to get ready...

Being busy parents, we understand how hectic life can get. Planning and setting up for those special and memorable moments can be difficult to achieve.  At Newy Event Collective we have created beautifully themed styling, event hire and proposal plans to help you host your very own insta worthy occasion. 


Our range available to hire, pick and choose to suit your needs


Pre-designed packages at a discounted rate to save you time and expense


Pretty picnics with friends or an amazing proposal idea for that special someone